In Spite Of Cowboys Performance, Jones Stated Team’s Defense Much Improved

Last season, Dallas Cowboys established franchise records for defensive incompetence which included a number of 415 yards per game to opposing offenses. Jason Hatcher, Sean Lee and DeMarcus Ware weren’t able to play for the team a year ago and the same problems were encountered this preseason.

Just This August, the Cowboys has allowed 29 points per game as with Kansas City’s team 32.8 points, the only team who had allowed more points for this preseason. The team got a league-worst 158.2 rushing yards for every game and a league worst 8 rushing touchdowns in four games. For the record, they’re the only one who has allowed more than six. The overall touchdowns allowed by the team which happens to be 13, became third-worst.

In some way, those performance records have brought the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to conclude his defense turned out to be positive and in progress. He commented that he thinks the Cowboys’ defense has really improved a lot. Jones added that the team showed a better defense and that they’ve got better, healthier players to make their outline work. He seemed to be certain that they’re players can do it.

Looking back through the Cowboys’ defense last year wasn’t so good that we could say the team will be having a hard time and must make up for this season. Assuming them to possess much improvement without showing much proof to support seems to be an excessive expectation.

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