Dallas Cowboys Are About To Face Pro Bowl And Free Agency

After completing the coaching staff for 2015, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is destined to face another tough challenge – dealing with their soon-to-be free agents.

There will be twenty three Cowboys including Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray, who are waiting for the Cowboys team management on whether they will take a leap forward with a renewed contract or leave their camp and assess the open market for other opportunities. The free agency will begin to roll on March 10th and the team is expected to have a long busy schedule before the offseason begins.

According to various sources, Jerry Jones stated that he is very interested in signing both Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray but admitted that it would be a huge test. Everybody witnessed how these two elite players shone on and off the field during last year’s football face-offs. They equally deserve a lucrative contract extension this offseason.

Jones recognizes the fact that there is a possible way to keep Bryant and Murray on the team but he specified that it would put significant financial pressure on the team and considers the idea as financially unreasonable. He added that all players from their team might be asked to readjust their contracts except for quarterback Tony Romo.

The league has already announced the names of the six players selected from the Dallas Cowboys who will join the Pro Bowl next week and now another name has been added to the list. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has designated L.P. Ladouceur to play for the Baltimore-coached squad latterly. The veteran long snapper will serve as a “need player” or Pro Bowl alternate. He was the third-longest tenured player on the Cowboys’ roster. He had remained consistent all throughout his 10-year career.

Regardless of these numerous issues to be attended to, the Cowboys seem to be happy, contented and not bothered by the future. All of them are hoping to put up a good Pro Bowl game this weekend and want to savor the moment not just as a reward but also as a warm up before heading to the newest set of NFL battles. Just like these admirable guys, we should also take time to slow down, relax and enjoy while watching over our favorite team’s journey to another action-packed year.

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