Dallas Cowboys Press Conference update

Not too much exciting going on today at Cowboy headquarters.

Wade Phillips gave us an update on 2 injuries. Marc Colombo’s ankle appears to be worse than was originally thought. He missed practice again today and his playing status will probably be a game time decision.

Anthony Henry doesn’t seem to be making much progress according to Coach Phillips. So, I’m guessing he will be used sparingly this week.

The coach did field a few questions about last years’ game with this weeks’ opponent, the Detroit Lions. He said Jon Kitna looked impressive on the game film, the Cowboys defense had trouble slowing him down.

Kitna did make some disparaging comments about the defense on a local radio show that, of course, got back to the Dallas Cowboys locker room. Terence Newman made it very clear that he will be hunting for the QB’s head this Sunday. Don’t be surprised if the defense gets called for a personal foul or two.

As always, the press conference was some interesting listening for any avid Dallas Cowboys fan who wants a little taste of what is going on inside, you check out the latest audios and videos to get a taste.

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