Dez Bryant’s Long-Term Contract And Other Dallas Cowboys Rumors

On Bryant’s Long-Term Contract

Several months have passed since the Dallas Cowboys used the franchise tag to save Dez Bryant from facing free agency. That was such a relief for the wide receiver but then again, Bryant knew he needed to get a better arrangement done soon. The Cowboys have less than three weeks to come up with a long-term deal and yet the two parties haven’t settled anything.

As what the team had always said, the elite player has the heart for football and they know him very well. Despite Bryant’s threats, the management is still confident that he will show up and play for them this September.

Sources revealed that representatives of both parties had a discussion at the Cowboys’ facility last Friday. This was the first time after four months of silence that they finally had serious contract talks but sadly, no contract was achieved.

On McFadden’s State of Health

Offseason wasn’t so dull for the team and even for the fans since every week, there’s something to look forward to. Another disconcerting rumor has been buzzing around the Cowboys’ camp involving RB Darren McFadden. The issue relating to McFadden’s health seems to bother many people.

Critics think it would be better if the Cowboys would look for another veteran free agent running back to take his place. Looking at the records, McFadden completed all 16 games in a season only once in his entire career which might be one of the reasons why people are questioning his capability of playing for the Cowboys in this upcoming season.

On Using Drone Technology

You may have been aware that the Cowboys used drone technology to film their minicamp practices in May. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received some reports that the Dallas Cowboys as well as the New York Giants and the New England Patriots do not have permissions from the agency with regards to the use of such drones and, therefore, are violating the law.

The FAA may give exemptions to those who would comply with the proper guidelines and procedures when using drone technology. To avoid facing penalties, the Cowboys will accept further instructions on how to operate drones properly from FAA personnel.

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