Dallas Cowboys Need To Step Up and Stay Focused Against The Seattle Seahawks

Losing four straight games may be an indication that something needs to be done, but for the Cowboys that is an understatement.

Is the Dallas Cowboys’ season coming to an end soon? There are still plenty of what-ifs that could make or break the team’s status this year and many optimistic fans believe it’s still a long way to go. Even with the recent defeat in New Jersey, it is obvious that the boys exhibited a more efficient performance under Matt Cassel.

Another game awaits the Cowboys this Sunday and everyone’s hoping they can correct their errors and get back on track. Looking at the Seattle Seahawks’ record, they currently have 3 wins and 4 losses.

The squad is somewhat similar to the Cowboys since both appear to be having a tough time early in the season. After their Super Bowl appearance last year, Seattle has undergone several modifications. These include acquiring a new tight end and a fullback that immediately earned starting roles.

Aside from the disappointing loss to the NY Giants, the Cowboys also had one more player added to their injury concerns. RB Joseph Randle is currently suffering from a strained oblique. According to rumors, there’s a big probability that he’s going to miss a couple of games.

Though this might be an unfortunate incident for Randle, it is the best time for Darren McFadden to showcase his ability on the field. In fact, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett found McFadden’s performance during their clash with the Giants to be really impressive.

Excitement heightened on Wednesday as Dez Bryant joined his colleagues in their team practice for the first time since his foot injury. With the remaining days before game time, the star wide receiver has a good chance of hitting the arena well-prepared this week.

Bryant’s presence really made a huge impact with his buddies. According to Brandon Carr, Bryant seemed as if he didn’t change one bit. Quarterback Matt Cassel also expressed his enthusiasm about having to work out with Dez and he’s hoping they can get the ‘right timing’ to accomplish something good in Week 8.

Seven weeks have passed and the Cowboys suddenly find themselves at the bottom of NFC East. In spite of how bad the last four games went for them, the positive development on both their offense and defense shouldn’t be ignored. Dallas’ D-line has the ability to pressure quarterbacks and hold offenses while their offensive line can be a deep threat if they could just find a way to avoid awful interceptions.

Time is running out so you better get ready to scream and chant for your most wanted football team!

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