Rematch Against Philadelphia, Cowboys Are Eager To Conquer Week 9

The Dallas Cowboys have been through a lot of challenges this season and because of Tony Romo’s absence they are suffering a five-game losing streak. Even though the team isn’t at their best entering November, they remain hopeful.

The fact that the division title is still up for grab makes them believe that the fight isn’t over yet and they can do something about it. Hungry for victory, the Cowboys are looking forward to Sunday night with a more progressive performance than last week.

It is expected that the Philadelphia Eagles will step into Arlington with renewed energy and are fully prepared after taking their bye week. They are currently sitting right ahead of the Cowboys in the NFC East division with 3 wins and four losses. Philly exceeds Dallas when it comes to scoring and passing offense but in terms of rushing offense and total defense, the Cowboys have a higher spot. After three unrewarding games, Eagles RB DeMarco Murray appears to be back on his feet again and has no less than 65 rushing yards in his most recent games.

Everyone was surprised for a moment upon hearing the news about Joseph Randle’s release. On Tuesday, the Cowboys ended up with a decision to finally take the 23-year-old RB off their team roster because they realized that his talent didn’t seem to outweigh all of his troublesome issues off the field. He was lucky enough to get away from the shoplifting incident, marijuana case and domestic violence allegations since the authorities dropped the charges. However, Randle may not be able to escape a possible suspension from NFL as they reviewed and investigated what he has done over the past 12 months.

Dallas Cowboys filled the vacated spot in less than 48 hours by signing RB Trey Williams off the Washington practice squad. The former Texas A&M standout entered the league as an undrafted free agent and eventually became a part of the Redskins in May 2015. Standing 5-feet-7-inches tall, Williams’ small stature did not hinder him from having a fruitful college career. With his amazing skills as a kick returner, Trey could be a good addition to Cowboys’ running back corps.

Carrying a record of two wins and five losses, the Cowboys frantically need to come up with an improved strategy in order to surpass their rivals and raise their status in the league.

Dallas will be facing Philadelphia on Sunday and this time, the showdown will be held at the Cowboys’ home arena where thousands of expectant fans are wishing to witness a much awaited victory.

Can Dallas snatch a win this week? We’ll find that out very soon so for now, let’s just hold on tight and wait till it’s playtime!

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