Dallas Cowboys Misfortune Continues with Heartbreaking OT Loss To Philly

The Dallas Cowboys season seems to be slipping through their hands now that they’ve lost six games in a row. The team showed better offensive plays and good defense yet it turned out insufficient to outlast the aggressive Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cowboys failed to conquer in Week 9 with a 33-27 loss that was decided in overtime, the second time that the club has lost in an OT game this season.

Although the Cowboys almost had the win, the fact that they fell short is deeply unfulfilling for all the fans. Despite the noticeable upgrade in Matt Cassel’s performance, it was overshadowed by the Eagles’ high-powered offense. The veteran QB completed 25 of 38 attempts for 299 yards which garnered a 65.8% rating. Cassel also tossed three touchdown passes and had one interception.

Among the Cowboys’ wide receivers who played against the Eagles, Cole Beasley had the most explosive game. He became one of Matt Cassel’s favorite targets which gave him the opportunity to own the spotlight as he caught the ball nine times for 112 yards and two TDs. According to Beasley, he felt happy after getting that first catch but then again, he knew that it didn’t really matter because they let themselves down as well as the fans who were expecting so much from them.

Aside from Cole Beasley, Dez Bryant also did a good job as he hauled in five catches for 104 yards and a score which turned out to be his first touchdown this season.

Everyone anticipated the Dallas D-line to perform commendably against the Eagles but they ended up a big letdown. The robust Cowboys defense grew tired later in the game. They were unable to make stops when they needed to down the stretch. Even though they were hit by injuries including that of Sean Lee’s (concussion) and Anthony Hitchens’ (ankle) in the second half, it shouldn’t have stopped them from finishing the fight.

Regrettably, the team’s defensive line allowed 172 rushing yards and a massive 459 yards of total offense by Philadelphia which is far different compared to their Week 2 matchup wherein they limited the Eagles to just seven rushing yards and 226 yards of total offense.

Sundays never seem to run out of controversies. If Week 8 was all about the too-many-men-on-field penalty issue, this time it’s all about the overtime coin flip. Numerous fans believed referee Ed Hochuli made a terrible mistake on the said coin toss and let Philly start with the ball.

Eagles safety Chris Maragos was given the chance to choose from heads or tails and many people think he called out “heads” first but that call was confirmed by the referee as “tails” as he tossed the coin upward. After a couple of seconds, Maragos blurted out “tails” in a clearer tone which eventually gave Philadelphia the advantage since “tails” happened to be the winner.

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