Thanksgiving Catastrophe For The Cowboys

The ever optimistic Dallas Cowboys were once again challenged by the events that befall them. The team finished their Thanksgiving day game feeling wretched and exhausted, not just because the Carolina Panthers outperformed them, but also because they will be facing the remaining weeks being ‘Romo-less’ all over again.

The quarterback had to leave the game early due to an injury to his recently-healed collarbone which he obtained on the last play of the third quarter. This incident only furthered their opponent’s chance of victory and as a result, the Panthers finished off with a 33-14 win.

Saddened by the recent loss, Tony Romo knew he let his teammates down. The veteran QB wanted to win the battle yet his performance fell short of expectations. He completed 11-of-21 passes for just 106 yards with three interceptions and no touchdowns. Overall, the Cowboys piled up 210 yards of total offense and 31 net yards rushing.

It is really unfortunate to see Romo go through the same condition that kept him out of the scene for seven weeks. During his absence, the Cowboys had a rough time in their games with the seven consecutive losses they had to endure.

Matt Cassel got another shot on the field Thursday as he replaced their ailing quarterback in the fourth quarter. He was 13-of-19 passing for 93 yards. Cassel also tossed a 2-yard touchdown pass to Cole Beasley, which became their first and only TD for the day. He had been eyeing wide receiver Dez Bryant throughout the battle, hoping to make a connection but Panthers’ CB Josh Norman proved too much in defending him.

Even though Week 12 was a big letdown for the Cowboys, it is worth mentioning that their defense showed signs of progress. They allowed Carolina 294 yards of offense, one touchdown and four field goals. However, Dallas failed to force a takeaway which pulled their turnover margin down to -12.

Head coach Jason Garett thought their defensive line did well, but considering how vigorous Panthers’ QB Cam Newton had been during the faceoff, it appears that their best wasn’t good enough to control the play.

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