Dallas Cowboys Are In For A Rough Game Against Green Bay Packers

Sunday will surely be another tough fight for the Dallas Cowboys as they’re set to compete against their most threatening opponent this season. The team is bound to travel all the way to Wisconsin to face the Green Bay Packers who are currently holding a record of eight wins and four losses. At the thought of this upcoming matchup, many fans can’t help but remember the frustrating Dez Bryant overturned catch last January. The memory still lingers in the minds of the players as well, especially the All-Pro wide receiver.

The Dallas Cowboys are aware of what they need to do in order to remain alive in the playoff race. Aside from finding ways to sweep the Packers off their path, they must outpace all their divisional rivals to secure a playoff spot.

Green Bay also needs to play harder to create more havoc for their NFC North opponents particularly the Minnesota Vikings who will be the Packers’ final rival at the end of the season. These two squads have all the reasons to keep moving and work harder on the field but who’s determined enough to conquer in Week 14?

Looking at the latest injury report, WR Dez Bryant is still battling a foot injury yet he was able to participate fully in their Wednesday practice. Cowboys’ safety Jeff Heath, who had an injured shoulder, was also seen practicing but on a limited basis only. The Packers have more incapacitated players with nine names on their list. Green Bay’s starting center Corey Linsley did not show up on their practice field on Wednesday as he continues to nurse a sprained ankle.

Talking about red zone touchdown efficiency, the Green Bay Packers have a higher ranking than the Cowboys. They are in the 10th spot with a conversion rate of 60.8 percent while Dallas is sitting at the 28th rank with 44.1 percent. The Cowboys must formulate a tactic that will help them match the formidable offensive attack of the Packers. They just can’t rely heavily on Matt Cassel since he is just not competent enough to outperform Rodgers. With a team as good as the Green Bay Packers, the Cowboys definitely need to be more focused on avoiding mistakes. The tension between the two clubs is starting to escalate. Lambeau Field is waiting for the battle to begin. Who will become this week’s vanquishers?

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