Are the Dallas Cowboys Out of the Playoffs After 28-7 Loss to Green Bay Packers?

All hopes have been shattered by now after the Cowboys failed to deliver high-octane thrills Sunday afternoon in Green Bay. The team was left battered and broken as the players struggled to match their rivals’ intensive performance.

It was an upsetting 28-7 loss at the hands of the Green Bay Packers. Technically, they are not yet eliminated from the playoffs but looking at the NFC East standings right now, Dallas is still sitting at the bottom with four wins and nine losses while Washington, New York and Philadelphia are tied at 6-7.

Just like what critics expected, the Cowboys offense was feeble throughout the game. The unfavorable weather seemed to affect Matt Cassel’s throwing greatly. The quarterback completed only 13-of-29 passes for a mere 114 yards. This was the third time that Cassel was held to less than 200 yards passing as a starter for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dez Bryant’s reappearance at Lambeau Field was not as exhilarating as it was during the January 2014 faceoff. The All-Pro wideout had a 28-yard reception in the second quarter that was over-ruled after review, and later dropped two passes despite receiving mostly one-on-one coverage. The weather conditions seemed to have disconcerted Bryant as he recorded only one catch for just 9 yards. It was the least number of yards Dez has ever had in a game wherein he made a catch since his rookie season.

What caught the crowd’s attention during the day was the rewarding performance coming from Dallas Cowboys’ RBs Darren McFadden and Robert Turbin. They’ve got the ground game going, piling up 171 total rushing yards. McFadden posted his fourth 100-yard game of the season as he carried the ball nine times for 111 yards. Turbin, who rushed for 51 yards on seven carries, made a really positive impression after scoring their team’s only touchdown in the third quarter.

On the other hand, Dallas defense proved to be fairly weak to stop Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy. They allowed the Packers a total of 233 rushing yards. It was the most rushing yards Cowboys’ defense has conceded this season. Aside from that, the defensive line also failed to come up with a turnover again.

Nothing seems to be going the Cowboys’ way this season? Is this the end of the line for them?

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