Dallas Cowboys Hope To End On A Positive Note

Sunday marks the final game of the season and this is the last chance the Dallas Cowboys will have to prove their worth. The team will play host to the Washington Redskins who will be entering Week 17 competition with eight wins and seven losses. Despite the Cowboys’ depressing 4-11 record, Jerry Jones believes that the team is closer […]

Dallas Cowboys Misfortune Continues with Heartbreaking OT Loss To Philly

The Dallas Cowboys season seems to be slipping through their hands now that they’ve lost six games in a row. The team showed better offensive plays and good defense yet it turned out insufficient to outlast the aggressive Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys failed to conquer in Week 9 with a 33-27 loss that was decided […]

Dallas Cowboys Questions: Thanksgiving Day Games

Q:  Why are the Cowboys always one of the teams that are playing on Thanksgiving? A: The Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers played each other on Thanksgiving day for many years. In the mid 1960’s, as the NFL grew bigger and gained more national media attention, they wanted to add a second game to […]