Dallas Cowboys Disappointing Despite QB Switch

With their playoff hopes dashed, the Cowboys headed into their game against the Buffalo Bills with nothing to play for but pride. Sunday’s game proved to be just like so many others this year, however, with the players looking back and wishing they could have given more. The Dallas Cowboys competed against a team that […]

Thanksgiving Catastrophe For The Cowboys

The ever optimistic Dallas Cowboys were once again challenged by the events that befall them. The team finished their Thanksgiving day game feeling wretched and exhausted, not just because the Carolina Panthers outperformed them, but also because they will be facing the remaining weeks being ‘Romo-less’ all over again. The quarterback had to leave the […]

Week 4: More Injuries for the Cowboys After Nasty Defeat to New Orleans Saints

It would have been really cool to see the Dallas Cowboys leaving the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with a victory over the New Orleans Saints, but imagining that is only wishful thinking. The team had another painful defeat as the Saints steered their way to success in overtime Sunday night. The showdown ended 26-20. What’s even worse […]