Dallas Cowboys Finally Closing Deals For Free Agent Players

Just before the franchise tag deadline, the Dallas Cowboys made an official announcement indicating that they’re choosing Dez Bryant for the franchise tag. The Cowboys agreed to put a price tag worth $12.823M on his contract. According to reports, Bryant is presently a non-exclusive franchise player. This means that he can discuss with other teams, however, […]

Dallas Cowboys’ 26-21 Loss To Packers Means Amazing Season Is Over

Very disappointing, that’s how every Dallas Cowboys fan describes their favorite team’s loss in yesterday’s matchup with the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys were defeated by the NFC North vanquishers, finishing the battle with a 26-21 as final score. It was such a heartbreaking loss since the Cowboys have waited for so long, went the extra […]

Dallas Cowboys Outran Detroit Lions With 24-20 Win On Wildcard Round

The Dallas Cowboys started 2015 with a bang as they effectively and convincingly defeated their opponent the Detroit Lions during the wildcard showdown with a 24-20 win. With the Cowboys’ brilliant performance and unyielding determination, they are now marching forward to the divisional round of the playoffs with a winning smile on their faces. Looking back on […]