Dallas Cowboys Stood High and Proud With 38-27 Win Over Eagles

Sunday night football turned out to be superb for all the Dallas Cowboys fans as their prayers were indeed answered by an awesome surprise. The Cowboys-Eagles rematch was filled with so much action from start to finish. It was a very close fight which was breathtaking.  But in the end, the Cowboys sealed the game with […]

Dallas Cowboys Momentum Got Wrecked By Redskins

The week 8 game ended with a big disappointment for the Dallas Cowboys as they lost the battle against the Washington Redskins. It seemed like a bad nightmare for Cowboys fans who witnessed their favorite team’s downfall after six weeks of winning. The Washington Redskins overpowered the Cowboys 20-17 in a close game that was […]

Checking Out the St. Louis Rams, the Cowboys Next Rival

From this year’s preseason up until Week 2, the St. Louis Rams holds a record of 4 losses and 2 wins. Just like the Cowboys, their Week 1 was a not-so-good start. The Vikings defeated them, 34-6, which obviously tells just how much they struggled during the game. Fortunately, they were able to bounce back on […]