Dallas Cowboys Are In For A Rough Game Against Green Bay Packers

Sunday will surely be another tough fight for the Dallas Cowboys as they’re set to compete against their most threatening opponent this season. The team is bound to travel all the way to Wisconsin to face the Green Bay Packers who are currently holding a record of eight wins and four losses. At the thought […]

Facing The Redskins, Cowboys Promote More Players To Ensure Roster Depth

The Dallas Cowboys are bound to compete against the Washington Redskins on Monday, December 7. They seem to feel more pressure now that QB Tony Romo won’t be able to play with them again. Given that Romo is likely out for six to eight weeks, the Cowboys need to push themselves to the limit and […]

Thanksgiving Catastrophe For The Cowboys

The ever optimistic Dallas Cowboys were once again challenged by the events that befall them. The team finished their Thanksgiving day game feeling wretched and exhausted, not just because the Carolina Panthers outperformed them, but also because they will be facing the remaining weeks being ‘Romo-less’ all over again. The quarterback had to leave the […]