Week 3: Dallas Cowboys Failed To Suppress Atlanta Falcons For An Awful 39-28 Loss

It was a sad day at AT&T Stadium upon seeing how the Dallas Cowboys stumbled down the stretch in a 39-28 loss against the Atlanta Falcons. There could have been a chance to save the team from a defeat since the offensive line was doing pretty well despite the absence of their elite players. The […]

Week 2: Dallas Cowboys Nailed A Win Against The Philadelphia Eagles

A most anticipated battle has ended. The Dallas Cowboys successfully brought home the bacon after beating the Philadelphia Eagles 20-10 on Sunday. The victory would have been sweeter if not for some foreboding injury issues the team is dealing with. Among these concerns is Tony Romo’s broken clavicle which is similar to the injury that […]

Week 1: Dallas Cowboys’ Victory Over The New York Giants Secured

Phew! That was very close but somehow the Dallas Cowboys were able to deliver the result they wanted. The team beat the New York Giants in front of more than 93,000 fans last Sunday. They finished the game with a 27-26 win that was decided in the fourth quarter. Overcoming their mistakes and conquering Week […]