Thanksgiving Catastrophe For The Cowboys

The ever optimistic Dallas Cowboys were once again challenged by the events that befall them. The team finished their Thanksgiving day game feeling wretched and exhausted, not just because the Carolina Panthers outperformed them, but also because they will be facing the remaining weeks being ‘Romo-less’ all over again. The quarterback had to leave the […]

Tony Romo’s Presence Made The Difference

What a week it has been for the Cowboys! Finally, the team has put an end to their miserable losing streak! The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-14 in a close game that was decided in the fourth quarter. This victory marks a 3-0 record for them with Tony Romo as their starting quarterback. […]

Week 10: Cowboys Lose Again, This Time To Bucs

Ugly, undesirable, unacceptable – that’s what the fans say about the Cowboys’ recent 10-6 loss to the Buccaneers. All hopes are fading and it’s because the team just can’t seem to find a way to pull even just one win before Tony Romo’s much awaited comeback. Thousands of people expected them to play better against […]