Dallas Cowboys: Celebrating Team Irvin’s Pro Bowl Triumph

Sunday’s Pro Bowl clash ended well and marked a refreshing sight for sports fans everywhere. All players seemed to take the moment to enjoy, have fun and avoid the cruel assaults we usually see whenever there is a real NFL competition going on. Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo was happy with the outcome of the all-star […]

Dallas Cowboys: Encompassing Michael Irvin’s Pro Bowl Squad

The Dallas Cowboys had a blast this week as Hall of Famer Michael Irvin designated players from his old team in last Wednesday’s Pro Bowl draft. The Cowboys will represent his squad for the upcoming all-star football showdown. Irvin “The Playmaker” has proven his undying loyalty to the Cowboys as he appointed DeMarco Murray to become […]

Dallas Cowboys: Latest Pro Bowl Updates And More!

Another player from the Dallas Cowboys was added to the list of 2015 Pro Bowlers. In his 12-year career, Jason Witten has had his fair share of Pro Bowl games and he’ll be heading back for the 10th time around. He will be replacing Julius Thomas of Denver since he is suffering from an injury and had […]