Are the Dallas Cowboys Out of the Playoffs After 28-7 Loss to Green Bay Packers?

All hopes have been shattered by now after the Cowboys failed to deliver high-octane thrills Sunday afternoon in Green Bay. The team was left battered and broken as the players struggled to match their rivals’ intensive performance. It was an upsetting 28-7 loss at the hands of the Green Bay Packers. Technically, they are not yet eliminated […]

Tony Romo’s Presence Made The Difference

What a week it has been for the Cowboys! Finally, the team has put an end to their miserable losing streak! The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-14 in a close game that was decided in the fourth quarter. This victory marks a 3-0 record for them with Tony Romo as their starting quarterback. […]

Dallas Cowboys: Time For A Major Transformation

The going has gotten tough for the Dallas Cowboys yet the players chose not to waste their time grieving over their consecutive losses. Just like what they always do, Tony Romo and the rest of his colleagues spent some time with The Salvation Army as part of their early Thanksgiving celebration. It was a great […]