Dallas Cowboys: Time For A Major Transformation

The going has gotten tough for the Dallas Cowboys yet the players chose not to waste their time grieving over their consecutive losses. Just like what they always do, Tony Romo and the rest of his colleagues spent some time with The Salvation Army as part of their early Thanksgiving celebration. It was a great […]

Week 10: Cowboys Lose Again, This Time To Bucs

Ugly, undesirable, unacceptable – that’s what the fans say about the Cowboys’ recent 10-6 loss to the Buccaneers. All hopes are fading and it’s because the team just can’t seem to find a way to pull even just one win before Tony Romo’s much awaited comeback. Thousands of people expected them to play better against […]

Rematch Against Philadelphia, Cowboys Are Eager To Conquer Week 9

The Dallas Cowboys have been through a lot of challenges this season and because of Tony Romo’s absence they are suffering a five-game losing streak. Even though the team isn’t at their best entering November, they remain hopeful. The fact that the division title is still up for grab makes them believe that the fight […]